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Shaman Stuff

(this was written for AR, but most still applies to FL)

Shamans the super Anti-Paladins

What combat skills/spells shaman lack that paladins have:

What shamans get in return?

Common skills comparison
Shamans are most versatile than paladins in their ability to fight any race with greater efficiency. Shamans' parry is less effective than paladins' parry mainly because of the weapon types. Sanctuary costs twice as much for shamans to practice but 2 extra practices for the vast advantage offsets it.

Race comparison
A fire giant shaman is more akin to storm paladins of the 1st age than human paladins of this age. Fire shamans take minimal damage from any weapon not ice. It is noted there are a greater number of ice attack weapons than wood attack weapons in the realms.

A paladin can't have a dwarven paladin yet there are duergar shamans.

Ending notes
The shaman loses one defensive skill but gains a few defensive spells. Dodge for word, blanket, protective shield and fly? I would trade it.

Wrath and heroism is cancelled out by a combination of curse, frenzy, harm, hex, demonfire. What's left is third attack versus all the maledictions a shaman gets. The important ones being blind, faerie fire, and deteriorate. Let's not forget dispel magic.

Neither class can lag another but blindness, plague, dysentery and curse does prevent a victim from running too far.

It is more difficult for a shaman to practice her skills and spells over a paladin but that is only a time advantage over anything else. Still it can be a pain in the butt to word buy more ducks and go back to your secret hiding spot.

Let's not forget a shaman has no experience penalty and the paladin has the highest.

Shamans have strong advantages when compared to their counterpart. It may be that paladins are underpowered or shamans are overpowered. I tend to think paladins need a bit more offensive while shamans need to be toned down a lot. Shamans right now remind me of paladins of 1st age which, as many know, are ridiculous.