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PKing with Mages

Winning a PK

How to Win a Fight Without Loosing Your Underwear, and Cook a Great Chicken Soup by Virigoth aka PRAGMA

In what I hope not be a vain effort, I have attempted to put down a few thoughts into a survival guide on general strategy on Player killing. This is meant for more of a beginner player of FL, with few things that more advanced players might find valuable. Comments and additions are welcome.

The following will attempt in some brevity to describe the thinking process involved in surviving in a Player Killing mud in reference to Forsaken Realms. It will focus only on player to player combat with some general basics followed by some more advanced material. The document will in brevity offer general strategies for staying alive then move on to some hints as applicable to the general archetypes (Mage and Warrior).

The Basics.

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The FL Mage by VIRIGOTH a.k.a. PRAGMA

The following document (adapted from original written for AR) is meant to be an introduction into what are one of the more complicated difficult, powerful and rewarding classes to play on FL. The following will describe in brevity the mentality and general strategy of the 3 mage classes present in FL. Some thought will be given to races appropriate to each, and general purpose, thinking and stratagem for each mage class, as well as some very brief strengths and weaknesses.

Please feel free to comment.

(edited for spelling and appearance)

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