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More than attractive by human standards, a young girl stands here adjusting her clothing. She smiles brightly at you. Her skin is slightly browned by her travels under the sun but her shin is as smooth as the day she was born. Her chestnut tresses dangle in loose curls that she must occasionally brush out of blue eyes and away from her long, dark lashes. She slender and well toned from her life on the road, probably average height but stronger than most women. 

Her shirt is bright yellow and green worn loose and untucked over sturdy brown leather pants. Her overlarge back pack sits cock-eyed on her back as it overflows with strangely marked scrolls. You relax as you realize that it is musical notation. An orb, black and almost glowing, dangles about her neck. A lone dagger hangs from her polished leather belt. Her boots of the same brown leather as her pants are worn and supple. A black traveler's cloak, large enough to envelop her entire body is strapped to the bottom of her pack.