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How to Kill a Necro

by Resatimm

I got bored, and noticed a new level 50 necromancer, as well as a few up and comers. I decided to test my thoughts on how to fight a necromancer, and hell, it worked. Killed the level 50 necro. I had A LOT of success with my necromancer, mainly due to the fact that people didn't think the battles through, and assumed some things, which were false. Also being undead, while it shouldn't have, did help. I died 16 times to assorted player kills as an avian, and 3 times after I got turned undead. That is retarded, considering undead SUCKS compared to Avian. Oh how did I beg to be changed back. You just don't know. ANYWAYS, my personal beliefs on how to fight necromancers, from one with intimate experience:

First thing to do, is look at what zombies the necromancer is using. Do some research when you know there is a level 50 necro around. Find Arboran, find out what he can do. If you checked, you would know that he only bashes. Tritons dirt, shield disarm and bash. My favorite zombie, ANY SERINGALE SHOPKEEPER, does NOT lag. They dirt, disarm and shield disarm. Then look at damage ranges. Tritons are consistent, as is Arboran. Shopkeepers are another story. Rin's damage range, to an unsanced person, is maim to *** DEVASTATE *** so go figure. Then look at level of the monster. Tritons are 42, Arboran is 50, and shopkeepers are level 60. As you all know, your rank and the mobs rank depends on whether or not they kick your ass. Prepare accordingly. When you know what their zombies do, then you know whether to worry about prot shield or not (If you are a healer).


If you have summon: when the necromancer is in the area, keep in mind that their charmies have VERY low magic resistance. Summon their 2.zombie or their 2.stone (provided they have a mercenary) What this does, is hides their charmie from them, if you are quick enough. You cannot where 2.zombie to find it. The necromancer would have to stop and summon all his zombies (because they change order when unjoined) which taxes his mana, and his time.

If you have turn undead: If you have the svs, turn the hell out of his charmies. You have a 2 round lag, but guaranteed, 2 turns takes away his golems, and 4 take away his zombies. If he has a shopkeeper zombie, forget it, they have massive amounts of hps.

If you have dirt/blind: Keep the necromancer dirted so he cant rescue. If you blind him, he's screwed, because no necro can take damage from anyone, I don't care if you have 2 nimbuses of power or not.

If you have charge: Flee/charge flee/charge, works like a charm. The necro will flee every time, unless he hits a dispel magic.

If you are a fighter: Do as much damage as you can to the necro (obviously) and be well practiced. A good warrior, if he is lucky, can slaughter a necromancer. But if his sleep hits, see below.

Otherwise: Murder/flee murder/flee. You are not going to win a toe to toe confrontation with a necro with full zombies. If you want to go toe to toe, you might as well rem all, drop all, sleep, because that's how much good you will do.

Tricks to fuck up and piss off a necro: Curse him. A cursed necromancer is a half-fucked necromancer. They cant do jack shit if they cant word away from difficulty. Most necros fight at 50% hps, because no matter what they do, they take damage like it is going out of style.

If you see a necro log on, summon arboran, and sanc him, and give him protective spells. Chances are, the necro wont notice until he attacks, and it will kick his ass, costing him rest time, and maybe a golem or two.

When you see a necromancer spelling up a shopkeeper, they are soooo vulnerable. Walk or sneak up, and time his spell casting. Wake up the shopkeeper, and hope the necro has spammed, and then G ALL CORPSE, enjoy.

If you wanna kill 'em, wait at their temple. When you see their golems start appearing, have a trigger for attacking them. They will all flee. Then when the necro finally words himself, he'll be alone to face you. Also, if the necro is in trouble, he will word almost dead, so you can easily hammer his head in.

Camp in the large hobgoblin area, so the necro cant restock his purple potions. Necros are fucked without sanc and protection (if you can dispel it).

If there is one thing I learned during my time as a necromancer, I learned teleport is a totally underrated spell. God, that saved me so many times.

So the overall thing to remember, chances are, you will not survive a toe to toe battle with a necro with his army. Use your head. Outthink a necro. They are so frail it isnt funny. If people only knew how to fight me, I'm sure the nimbuses would have been spread around.