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The figure is nearly formless, A pitch-black cloak hangs from thin, bony shoulders and gives no hints to what lies beneath its velvet folds. But the hood only half covers the being's head. Twin green fires smolder where its eyes should be but a green-black snout is fully exposed. Its nostrils dilate with each heavy breath as a dark purple tongue slides between dagger-like fangs dripping with ochre.

Glints from onyx talons catch your eye. Set in long fingers, these claws could easily rend flesh and possibly even metal. Its hands look strong enough to tear most beings limb from limb. A pair of enormous wings, thick black skin stretched tightly over a bone frame, buries you in darkness. The shadow shrinks, as does the apparition before you. In the blink of an eye, the figure has melted into the shadows leaving only claw marks where it had stood.

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[Tryst](Leader) Crypticant: 'You will find yourself much larger than you were, oft cloaked in black robes...'

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[Tryst](Leader) Crypticant: 'All demons tend to have long, black nails...claws...almost...'

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[Tryst](Leader) Crypticant: 'And colorless eyes, for you no longer are one soul, but many.'

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[Tryst](Leader) Crypticant: 'Your skin wings give you flight, and work like separate arms, looking much like that of a bat.'

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[Tryst](Leader) Crypticant: 'But far larger, and more powerful.'

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[Tryst](Leader) Crypticant: 'Bodies vary from demon to demon...I am sure you can see yours...'

An audible humming seems to be heard. The flapping of wings. A cloak,
its design unknown to you, seems to conceal a greater part of his body.
A large horned helm appears to sit on his head, though, it seems it is
the horns which peer through the helm. He stands much higher than all
Humans, his face barely visible... yet his colorless... yet everchanging
eyes seem to draw your soul into their depths. Claws seem to peer from
beneath the robes... his robe unable to conceal them. They almost seem
honed... perhaps sharpened as those of a cat. Large skin wings spread
from his back. Almost batlike, they seem to move without accordance to
any other limbs, and seem to end in talons as well. You find yourself
drawn away from the figure... yet drawn in by the... unknown.


demon desc attempt 2

Shadows move on shadowy wings... a flicker of onyx off the dagger-like 
talons...two clear orbs that catch the light stare down at you... horns as 
twisted as Crypticant's mind jut upwards trying to stab the gods themselves. 
It hovers on whisper... the mouth makes no sound... only opening to bare 
its fangs at you. A cloak trails into the shadow... it is hard to separate them
with your eye... it all seems alive and dead at the same time. Claws scratch the
ground... nostrils dilate open with a huff. Then it melts into the shadows leaving
only scars on the ground and in your mind.