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**A small gray imp cautiously approaches you. Its misshapen ears twitch with nervous anticipation. It prostrates itself before opening its mind to you .**

"Our Master, we know this is... unusual. But hear us out before You destroy us. We have found a girl. We have followed and watched her since her mid-teens. Ever vigilant, we had heard rumors from the mortals that there was a shadow in Miruhvor that brought misery and pain to any who strayed outside at night. We knew that we must find out more.

"We found her just before dawn laying at the end of an alley. Hatred and malice washed over us as we approached. Our exultations disappeared as soon as we realized that the townspeople had found her first. She had been beaten to the verge of death. We pulled her from the sticky puddles of her lifeblood and took her into hiding. She never fully recovered. Her finely tuned body healed, leaving a few, tiny scars in tribute to the assault. But her mind is nearly gone. We can still sense the evil deep inside her but she has the mind of a child. She retains her book learning and her mastery of stealth and murder but she acts like a little girl. 

"She was naked and alone with a babe's naive trust. We have... befriended... her. She thinks us to be her friend. We have been using her to amuse You as a bard might use a puppet to amuse fledgling mortals. Although this has been a functional system, it can be done better and we sicken of her talking about her pony and questioning us about her... mommy? Her body would make an excellent host. It would take but a word from us to convince her to cooperate with any plan that You may have. Corrupt her body that she may be of better use and that we may leave Thera.

"We beg You to contemplate this before slaying us."